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Discover the ultimate riding experience thanks to our tailor-made bike fitting service near Munich. But what exactly is bike fitting? Bike fitting is not just about customizing your bike to your body, it is an art form in which your bike is perfectly tailored to your own needs, requirements and special features. This is how we achieve maximum comfort, efficiency and a measurable increase in performance for you. Our bike experts from CS Bikes will welcome you in their showroom in Moosach near Munich and will work with you to find the perfect setting for your bike!


We can perform Bike Fitting for road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, or other types of bicycles. It's particularly attractive for riders who cover long distances, those who prioritize performance, or cyclists looking to enhance their comfort, as improper positioning can lead to discomfort, reduced performance, or injuries.

What is Bike Fitting?

In short, Bike Fitting is the customized adjustment and tuning of your bike to achieve the optimal position while riding. This enhances comfort, efficiency, and performance while preventing injuries.

How does a Bike Fitting Service work at CS Bikes?

Our Bike Fitting process is a meticulous one where our trained experts analyze your individual body measurements, flexibility, movement patterns, and riding habits to make the optimal adjustments to your bike.

Analytical Discussion & Precise Measurements: Following an in-depth analytical discussion regarding your riding habits, we conduct precise measurements, such as leg length, distance between saddle and handlebars, or torso angle. This provides our experts from CS Bikes with detailed insights into your physiology. We transfer these insights to a simulator. While you sit on the simulator and pedal, we film your movement pattern using a high-speed camera.

Fine-tuning: This enables us to fine-tune your bike's adjustment like no other! We adjust your bike to prevent the risk of discomfort, minimize pain from old injuries, improve power transmission, and enhance your overall performance and riding experience.


Our Bike Fitting is not a luxury but an investment in your riding experience and health. With our high-quality service in Moosach, we take your cycling experience to the next level. Book an appointment at CS Bikes today and experience the benefits of a tailored Bike Fitting near Munich!
Our Bike Fitting is not a luxury but an investment in your riding experience and health. With our high-quality service in Moosach, we take your cycling experience to the next level. Book an appointment at CS Bikes today and experience the benefits of a tailored Bike Fitting near Munich!

Why is good Bike Fitting important?

A high-quality Bike Fitting is crucial for your riding experience. Our Bike Fitting service near Munich includes:

  • Experienced Experts: Our certified Bike Fitting specialists from CS Bikes have the expertise and experience to understand your individual requirements and make precise adjustments.
  • Dynamic Analysis: We go beyond static measurements and utilize cutting-edge technologies such as high-speed cameras or pressure sensors for a dynamic analysis of your movements on the bike to achieve a tailored result.
  • Individual Adjustments: Every rider is unique. Therefore, all adjustments are specifically tailored to you, from saddle height to pedal position.
  • Comfort and Performance: Our goal is to provide you with not only maximum comfort but also improved performance, allowing you to maximize your full potential.
  • Follow-up: Our service doesn't end with the fitting. We offer continuous support to ensure you feel comfortable on your bike and perform optimally.

The benefits of Bike Fitting for you

A professional Bike Fitting near Munich can offer a variety of benefits:

  • Comfort: By adjusting the bike to your individual body measurements and needs, we achieve a more ergonomic and comfortable riding position, reducing pressure on specific areas of the body. This can help alleviate discomfort such as back pain, neck tension, or numbness.
  • Efficiency: An optimal position on the bike allows for more efficient power transfer. This means more energy is directed into forward motion, enabling you to ride faster and longer. Unnecessary strains or movements are minimized, leading to better overall performance.
  • Injury Prevention: Improper positioning on the bike can lead to overuse injuries or accidents, especially during longer rides or intense training sessions. We identify potential risk factors and adjust your bike to prevent injuries.
  • Confidence: With our customized Bike Fitting service in Munich, you'll boost your confidence and riding experience, feeling comfortable on your bike and in control - whether on the road or off-road.
  • Long-term Health: Invest in your long-term health and enjoyment of cycling by opting for our Bike Fitting in Munich, which takes into account your individual needs and contributes to avoiding overuse injuries and strains.

Bike Fitting

We understand that every rider is unique, and that's why we offer a custom bike process that goes above and beyond.

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