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Key Features

CS|Connect boasts an array of exceptional features designed to enhance our riders' overall biking experience:

Rider Recorded Data:

CS|Connect empowers riders to access an intricate record of their biking profile data. This feature offers insights into your historical fittings, 2D measurements, and all pertinent static measurements.

Rider Fitting Data collected by CSBikes

As a proud owner of a CSBike, we take the time to carefully assemble and tailor the bike to your exact specifications. This process involves gathering data related to your riding posture, seat height, handlebar positioning, and other critical details. This information is indispensable in guaranteeing that your bike is configured to deliver the utmost comfort and efficiency during your rides, and now, accessing this data is as simple as a quick scan.

All rider fitting reporting

CS|Connect elevates the handling of rider fitting data by producing in-depth fitting reports. These reports offer valuable insights into the precise adjustments we've made to enhance your riding experience, which may encompass recommendations for seat height, handlebar angle, or other personalized modifications.

Rider performance diagnostics

Using CS|Connect, you gain access to performance diagnostics that provide an extensive examination of your biking performance. This analysis could encompass data on lactic thresholds, power output, and heart rate information. This valuable data enables you to gain insights into your strengths and identifies areas where you can train to make improvements.

Maintenance and Maintenance Scheduling

This functionality streamlines the bike maintenance process. CS|Connect offers appointment reminders for your scheduled routine maintenance tasks, guaranteeing that your bike remains in excellent condition and minimizing the chances of unexpected breakdowns. You can conveniently schedule your appointments directly via the CS|Connect Hub.

Bike data, component data, and setup data

CS|Connect provides access to a wealth of information about your bike, its components, and its setup. This can include details about the frame, drivetrain, brakes, and more. Knowing your bike inside out helps you make informed decisions about upgrades and replacements.

Client billing and warranty Information

CS|Connect streamlines the handling of billing information and provides a transparent view of your warranty status and coverage, ensuring that you can easily access information about your bike's protection and a comprehensive history of invoices.

Bike Registration data including an anti-theft module

The anti-theft module is a critical security feature. In the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen, CS|Connect can assist in tracking and recovering it. It also simplifies the registration process, ensuring your bike is correctly linked to your profile, making it harder for thieves to resell or use it without detection.


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