Expanding on the achievements of our beloved D13 model, the D14 elevates endurance cycling to a whole new level. With a fresh emphasis on maximizing the advantages of an ideal bike fit, it delivers unmatched performance. Boasting a revised geometry, a lightweight frame-set, 12mm through axles, and a completely internal cable system, the D14 is finely tuned for all riders. Discover the flawless fusion of comfort, agility, and state-of-the-art technology with our D14 Road Bike.

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5.299,00 1

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2Financing Rates

1 Includes a complete bike with Carbon fitting kit, Fulcrum Racing 900 wheelset, and SRAM RIVAL Groupset.

Klarna Financing Options

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Below you can find the typical standard rates:

12 Month

Estimated Monthly Payment:

12 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

24 Month

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24 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

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36 Month Financing with 14.79% APR*

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Payment & Financing

Payment Options

At CSBikes, we prioritize your convenience and security by offering a range of payment options. Whether you prefer traditional cards or digital wallets, we've got you covered. Please refer to the list below for specific payment options available.

  • Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer (Discounts Available)
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Klarna Financing
  • Bike Leasing

For additional payment information please visit our Payment & Financing Section

Deposit Information

To proceed with an order at CSBikes, we require an approved quote and deposit. Please find specific details outlined below for your reference.

Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Credit Card Transactions:
A 60% deposit is necessary to initiate your custom bike order. The remaining balance will be collected upon the delivery of your bike.

Financing & Leasing:
CSBikes requires a 60% refundable deposit to commence your order. Upon delivery, the leasing or financing company will transfer the order amount. At this point, your initial deposit will be returned to you.

Current Delivery Information

Our bikes are build specifically to your individual wishes and needs. Usually the bikes are ready within 8-12 weeks after your order placement.

Our brand-new frame-set is meticulously fashioned from high-grade T1000 carbon, guaranteeing exceptional strength & stiffness while maintaining an incredibly light weight of less than 860g (size medium). Encounter the epitome of performance with our completely concealed cable system, effortlessly accommodating both mechanical and electronic group-sets. We've enhanced comfort through dropped seat stays, a sloping top tube, and an integrated seat clamp design, all while preserving a sleek and streamlined look. Elevate your cycling experience with our groundbreaking frame-set, delivering unparalleled performance and aesthetics.


This model offers an optimal combination of performance and comfort for long rides, short sprints or cycling races. With its light carbon frame and high-quality equipment, the D14 is a reliable and versatile racing bike that is particularly suitable for high-performance and comfortable fit.

Technical specifications

Highest quality

Experience Next-Level Performance - the D14 series features a lightweight carbon frame that balances strength and durability. With top-of-the-line components, precise geometry, seamless integration, and versatile capabilities, the D14 series delivers unmatched performance. Below we will outline advanced specifications.




Road Disc


860g (M)

AXS, EPS & Di2 Compatible




Specific Aero


Disc (140/160) Flat Mount

Straight 1-1/2"

Basic equipment

  • Complete bike-fitting experience including Bike-Tailor-Interview
  • High-quality branded components from well-established manufacturers
  • measuring session, final fitting and CS|Cycling-Sport fitting guarantee
  • Two years of free service
  • Ultralight carbon frame painted in one of our signature colors
  • Over 60 years of combined experience in designing and assembling individual bikes

Concept Packages & Pricing



Road: D14
Finishing Kit
CS Integrated Carbon Bars
Component Range
SRAM Rival AXS 2x12 / Disc Brakes
Wheel Set:
CS|D4029 with Continental GrandPrix 5000s TL 30c

6.299€ *

Bike Fitting
SQLab Package
Tubeless Package
Power Meter


Road: D14
Finishing Kit
CS Integrated Carbon Bars
Component Range
SRAM FORCE AXS 2x12 (D2) / Disc Brakes
Wheel Set:
CS|D5028 XPR with Continental GrandPrix 5000S TR 30c

7.299€ *

Bike Fitting
SQLab Package
Tubeless Package
Power Meter




Elevate your bike's aesthetics with our Custom Paint Upgrade Package. As part of our standard offering, you have the freedom to choose any custom color that sparks your imagination. But why stop there? Our selected paint specialists can craft a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece with a full custom color scheme, tailored exclusively to your preferences.
Read More
CSBikes Custom Paint Upgrade Package

Custom Paint Upgrade Package

Fully Customizated

Elevate your bike's aesthetics with our Custom Paint Upgrade Package. As part of our standard offering, you have the freedom to choose any custom color that sparks your imagination. But why stop there? Our selected paint specialists can craft a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece with a full custom color scheme, tailored exclusively to your preferences.

Whether you desire a bold and vibrant design or a subtle and refined finish, our Custom Paint Upgrade Package ensures that your bike stands out from the crowd. Let your personality shine through with a unique paint job that reflects your individual style and makes a statement on every ride.

Experience the thrill of owning a bike that is not only engineered to perfection but also visually stunning. With our Custom Paint Upgrade Package, your bike becomes an extraordinary work of art, showcasing your distinctive taste and passion for cycling.



We meticulously select colors from the RAL Standard, ensuring precise specifications for every aspect of our bikes' appearance. Whether you prefer vibrant hues that demand attention or subtle tones that exude elegance, our extensive range of RAL colors offers endless possibilities to create a bike that reflects your personal style. Our chosen paint specialists expertly bring these colors to life, ensuring a flawless and durable finish that will make your bike truly stand out from the crowd.

K7 Classic

CSBikes Color & Design Options

Carbon Wheel Upgrade

CSBikes Range of Custom Carbon Rims

At CS Bikes, we take pride in our direct supply chain, which enables us to offer highly competitive pricing without compromising on quality. By cutting out the middleman, we pass the cost savings directly to our customers, ensuring exceptional value for money. Invest in top-notch carbon rims that enhance your riding experience and elevate your performance without breaking the bank.



Enhance the performance of your road series with our DSeries Rim Sets, designed to take your riding to the next level. These rim sets offer the perfect upgrade, providing improved aerodynamics, strength, and overall ride quality. We also offer additional upgrade options for spokes and free hubs, allowing you to tailor your rims to your specific needs and preferences.

CSBikes DSeries

Wheelset Details

RimModel Type Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (g) ERD (mm)
CS|DSeries D3028 Tubeless Ready / Clincher 28 30 1550 (+/-50) 578.5
CS|DSeries D4029 Tubeless Ready / Clincher 29 40 1670 (+/-50) 518.5
CS|DSeries D5029 Tubeless Ready / Clincher 29 50 1750 (+/-50) 538.5
CS|DSeries D6028 Tubeless Ready / Clincher 28 60 1810 (+/-50) 518.5
CS|DSeries D3028 R Tubeless Ready / Clincher 28 30 1410 (+/-50) 578.5
CS|DSeries D4029 R Tubeless Ready / Clincher 29 40 1540 (+/-50) 518.5
CS|DSeries D5029 R Tubeless Ready / Clincher 29 50 1620 (+/-50) 538.5
CS|DSeries D6028 R Tubeless Ready / Clincher 28 60 1680 (+/-50) 518.5
CS|DSeries D5028 XPR Tubeless Ready / Clincher 28 50 1600 (+/-50) 538.5

Garmin Upgrade Package

Elevate your cycling with our

Discover the ultimate cycling companion – the Garmin cycling computer. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, Garmin empowers you to elevate your cycling experience. Track your performance, monitor your heart rate, navigate with confidence, and analyze your data like a pro. Stay connected, receive notifications, and explore new routes with ease. Take your cycling to new heights with the Garmin cycling computer – the perfect partner for every ride.


Create your ideal Garmin arsenal with a wide selection of products to suit your needs. Choose from our range of cutting-edge cycling computers, including the Edge® 130, 530, 540, 830, 840, 1030, and 1040. Enhance your performance with our innovative wearables like the Forerunner®, Instinct®, Epix®, Fēnix®, and Vívoactive® series. Stay visible and safe on the road with our reliable Varia® lights. And for precise power measurement, our Rally® power meters are unmatched. Mix and match your perfect Garmin assortment and gear up for an exceptional cycling experience!
CSBikes Garmin Options

Pro Fit Upgrade

Premium Partner SQ-Lab

Are you tired of uncomfortable rides and saddle-related discomfort? Look no further! CS Bikes proudly incorporates the revolutionary SQ-Lab measurement systems into our Bike Tailoring process, ensuring the perfect fit for your saddle needs.

SQ-Lab, the pioneer in saddle design, introduced a groundbreaking system in 2002 that measures sit bones and determines the optimal saddle width based on your sitting position. This innovative approach has gained worldwide recognition, making SQ-Lab the go-to brand for anatomically correct saddle and handlebar designs.



With CS Bikes, you can experience the comfort and performance of SQ-Lab technology tailored specifically to you. Our Bike Tailoring process combines advanced measurements with our expertise to select the ideal products for your application. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enjoyable, pain-free rides.

Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your saddle. Choose CS Bikes and SQ-Lab technology to elevate your cycling experience. Get in touch with us now and discover the difference a perfectly fitted saddle can make. Your comfort is our priority, and we're here to exceed your expectations.

CSBikes Profit

Carbon Finishing Kit

High-Quality Finishing Components

Our lightweight one-piece integrated cockpits are the epitome of seamless design and functionality. Available in a wide range of widths and stem lengths, we fine-tune these components during our personalized bike fitting process. This ensures that your cockpit setup is optimized for your riding style, providing unparalleled comfort and control.

Upgrade your ride with our Carbon finishing kit and enjoy the benefits of a cohesive and tailored setup. Elevate your bike's aesthetics and performance with precision-engineered components that perfectly complement our frames. Experience the difference firsthand and ride with confidence.


Choose CS Bikes for a complete package of cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and personalized fit. Don't compromise on quality or style—unleash the full potential of your ride with our Carbon finishing kit.
CSBikes One-piece carbon bars and more

Compatibility Chart


Campagnolo Groupset

Mechanical Shifting Rim Brakes
  • Super Record 12
  • Record 12
  • Chorus 12
  • Super Record 11
  • Record 11
  • Chorus 11
Electronic Shifting Rim Brakes
  • Super Record EPS 12
  • Super Record EPS 11
  • Record EPS 11
Mechanical Shifting Disc Brakes
  • Super Record 12
  • Record Disc 12
  • Chorus Disc 12
  • Ekar 1x13
Electronic Shifting Disc Brakes
  • Super Record EPS Disc 12

CSBikes - Custom Bikes, Made for You

Not just a bike - a Custom Tailored Bike
CSBikes Custom Tailored Experience

Custom Tailored Experience

Experience the ultimate in personalized cycling. Our custom-built bikes cater to your unique requirements, guaranteeing a perfect fit that matches you completely. With fully customizable build packages, you'll enjoy maximum performance, comfort, and enjoyment tailored to your preferred riding style.
CSBikes Affordable excellence

Affordable excellence

Affordable customization without compromising performance. Operating independently from dealers and retail stores allows us to offer highly competitive prices. With us, you can enjoy the benefits of riding a custom bike without the hefty price tag.
CSBikes Unleash Elite Performance

Unleash Elite Performance

Our bikes are designed for racing, recreation, or adventure, offering unparalleled performance. Crafted with the finest lightweight carbon frames, wheelsets, and handlebars, they feature top-of-the-line component sets from Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano.

Additional Series

Looking for more


A13 – the racing machine.
This bike has one clear goal: speed!

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Skillfully designed for off-road prowess
Experience an extraordinary gravel cycling adventure like none other
Conquer the rugged terrain and embrace unmatched speed!

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2 Year of Service

CSBikes 2 Year of Service

Affordable excellence

CSBikes Affordable excellence

Crash Replacement

CSBikes Crash Replacement

Unleash Elite Performance

CSBikes Unleash Elite Performance
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