Classification of bicycles - Field of Operation

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Every bicycle was developed and built for a specific use or area of application. The classification explains these areas of application and provides information about the maximum permissible total weight. The total weight is made up of the weight of the bike, the rider fully dressed and the luggage.

Class 1 - Field of Operation

Class 1 bicycles may only be used for asphalt, concrete or paved roads and paths. Permanent ground contact of the wheelsets must be guaranteed. The bike is not suitable for jumps and drops as well as acrobatic acts. The maximum permissible total weight is 110kg (bike, driver, luggage).

WARNING: If a bike is exposed to higher loads than we recommend in the respective class, this can damage the material and even break it. A damaged bike can no longer be controlled and can cause serious falls. Therefore, please only use your bike in the area of use approved by us. If you are unsure about this, please contact our service team.


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