Media Kit & Consumer Brand Style Guide

Logos V.01.2023

Logo Sets

Here you will find a quick reference for the acceptable versions of the CS logo Sets and its usage guidelines.

The CSBikes brand logo is a crucial representation of our brand identity. It communicates our values, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

It is a symbol of quality, innovation, and reliability, establishing trust with our customers. The CSBikes logo carries significant brand equity and should be handled with meticulous care, adhering to the guidelines.

This logo usage guide lines serve as a reference for proper logo usage By following these guidelines, we ensure that the CSBikes logo maintains its impact and consistency, effectively representing our brand across all platforms and mediums.

The CSBikes brand is a registered brand of CS|Cycling-Sport GmbH.

Here are the approved versions of the CS logo sets for your reference:

  • The CS logo should be used in its entirety without any alterations or modifications.
  • The logo should be displayed in a clear and legible manner, ensuring that all elements are visible and recognizable.
  • The logo should not be stretched, distorted, or skewed in any way. Maintain the original proportions.
  • Ensure sufficient clear space around the logo to maintain its visibility and impact.
  • Use the provided logo files (AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG) for accurate reproduction. Do not recreate or manipulate the logo.
  • The CS logo should always be displayed in a high-quality resolution, avoiding any pixelation or blurriness.
  • When placing the logo on a background, ensure sufficient contrast for readability and visual impact.
  • Do not use any other versions of the logo that are not provided in the approved logo sets.
  • The CS logo should not be used in a manner that may imply endorsement or affiliation with other brands or entities without prior authorization.

CSBikes Logo

Horizontal Black
CSBikes Logo

CSBikes Logo

Horizontal White
CSBikes Logo

CSBikes Logo

Vertical Black
CSBikes Logo

CSBikes Logo

Vertical White
CSBikes Logo

CSBikes Logo

Logo Only Black
CSBikes Logo

CSBikes Logo

Logo Only White
CSBikes Logo
CS-Bikes Logo - Small
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