Elevate Your Gravel Riding Experience with CS Gravel Lineup! While our CS Gravel lineup may be compact, it delivers big on performance, comfort, control, and versatility. Whether you're seeking speed on the course, embarking on weekend escapades, or venturing into week-long backpacking journeys, our gravel bikes are designed to excel in every adventure. Meticulously tailored to your specific preferences and requirements, our gravel bikes overachieve in every aspect. Enjoy the perfect blend of lightweight construction, impressive stiffness, and affordable value with our CS Gravel.


Base for your Bike
Gravel: G14

Dominate all types of terrain, whether it's navigating smooth forest paths or tackling challenging single tracks, with the G14. Crafted from lightweight carbon and boasting exceptional construction, this bike is your ultimate ally for race days or long bike packing adventures. Allow our Bike Tailors to tailor this ride to suit your unique riding preferences, enhancing your overall experience on the trails!

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Gravel: G14
Gravel: I14

Discover the brand new I14AR from CS BIKES - an e-bike that is handcrafted and tailored to your exact needs. With powerful electric support and a lightweight carbon construction, you are ready for any terrain, whether on rough paths or smooth roads. Every single detail of this all-road e-bike is manufactured with the utmost care and precision to give you an exceptional riding experience. Enjoy the freedom and comfort of the I14AR - designed to meet your highest demands.

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Gravel: I14


Discover the exhilaration of riding a custom-made CS bike. Each bike is carefully crafted to impeccably suit YOUR specific needs, guaranteeing a unique and precise fit tailored exclusively to you. With our extensive range of customization options, you'll experience unrivaled performance, comfort, and enjoyment, all reflecting your personal riding style - right down to the individualized paint job. Elevate your cycling experience to new heights with a bike that is truly made for you.

Bike Fitting

We understand that every rider is unique, and that's why we offer a custom bike process that goes above and beyond.

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Performance Diagnostic

Performance diagnostics for cyclists is a process used to evaluate the physical performance and specific abilities of a cyclist. The goal of performance diagnostics is to identify the athlete's strengths and weaknesses, document training progress, and tailor training to individual needs.

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Several measurements for a pair of jeans, but only one for a bike?

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CSBikes Affordable excellence

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CSBikes Unleash Elite Performance
CSBikes Bike Classification

Bike Classification

The field of operation for bicycles of class 2 includes class 1 as well as unpaved, but surfaced and firm paths and gravel roads with moderate inclines. This can lead to contact with uneven terrain and loss of tire contact with the ground, which requires appropriate driving technique. Drops of up to 15 cm are allowed, e.g. curbs. Higher drops as well as jumps and acrobatic acts are not permitted. The maximum permissible total weight is 110kg (bike, driver, luggage).

WARNING: If a bike is exposed to higher loads than we recommend in the respective class, this can damage the material and even break it. A damaged bike can no longer be controlled and can cause serious falls. Therefore, please only use your bike in the area of use approved by us. If you are unsure about this, please contact our service team.


Subject to technical modification without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

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